Ongoing Projects

Soufan Engineering's involvement in South of Sudan(Juba) has been in support of the US Department of State Prime and Sub-contractors in their effort to support and transform the SPLA Military into a functioning defensive Army for over 4 years.

Soufan Engineering has supported TNM since their start in Southern Sudan in all capacities, support/logistics, manpower, supplies and construction. In addition, Soufan Engineering has extended a range of materials, supplies, and services, vital in any Military's daily Base operations. In particular crucial support has been shown with associated supplies including generators, heavy equipment, barracks and ablution units. We have successfully completed 180 million dollars worth of contracts in South of Sudan(Juba).

Soufan Engineering has provided construction through TNM to build the Interim General Headquarters and the Chief of Staff compound in Juba, South Sudan along with SPLA FOB 4,500 man camp in Molbok, Southern Sudan through its brother company TNM whom Soufan Engineering is the sole support partner.

Soufan Engineering is constructing 17 buildings for the SPLA IGHQ in Juba via direct contract with the SPLA. These buildings are to accommodate 2 brigades and offices for the SPLA Military Police.